White Window with Santa Lighted Water Globe

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  • White Window with Santa Lighted Water Globe
  • White Window with Santa Lighted Water Globe
  • White Window with Santa Lighted Water Globe
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It's Christmas Eve and everyone has gone to sleep, snuggled up cozy in their beds. Outside, the world is transformed into a tranquil wonderland as snowflakes silently fall, covering the landscape with a blanket of snow. Inside the house, unbeknownst to the slumbering family, Santa Claus has arrived! He's brought a large sack full of gifts to put under the Christmas tree. The family's puppy comes to greet Santa and share in the joy of placing gifts under the beautifully decorated tree. All the while, shimmering silver flakes dance around them to create a delightful scene. This one of a kind water globe captures this joy of Christmas perfectly, and with incredible attention to detail - a wreath hangs on the wall above the fireplace, a teddy bear sits at Santa's feet, lush red curtains frame the gorgeous snowy scene outside. All of this sits in an antiqued white window box with beautiful detail and that lights up the wonder-filled scene inside beautifully. This elegant and unique water globe will be enjoyed for years to come! Whether it's for your own collection or a gift for a lucky recipient, it's sure to delight all season long. The windows on the front of the water globe can be opened and closed and are a joy to play with. Operates with three AA batteries (batteries not included). Measures approximately 10" tall x 4" wide (at the base)

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