Fire Cracker Lights

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  • White, uniquely-shaped, battery operated lights with their packaging with a dark wood background.
  • White, uniquely-shaped, battery operated lights on a evergreen wreath with a dark wood background.
  • Close up of illuminated white, uniquely-shaped, battery operated lights on a evergreen wreath.

Named for their similarity in appearance to a strand of firecrackers, these stunning LED lights have an amazing 100 lights on a 5 ft strand creating a stunning effect that is bright and super festive. They really make a statement. These lights require four AA batteries and come with an automatic timer; once turned on, they stay on for 6 hours, then automatically turn themselves off and will light up again at the same time the next day, repeating this cycle until you turn them off. Our wreath lights are easy to use. When using them with a wreath, simply tuck them into the greenery all the way around the front of the wreath and put the battery pack behind the wreath so it's not visible. With a centerpiece, gently wrap the lights around the product, tucking the lights into the greenery. It's that simple! Our Firecracker lights come with 100 gorgeous warm white lights that add a stunning glow to wreaths, garland, centerpieces, and tabletop trees! 

Please note that these lights are called "Fire Cracker" lights because the unique shape of the stand resembles a string of traditional firecrackers, with the lights coming off the sides of a center string. They do not twinkle or flicker but instead stay on for a bright and beautiful glow. 

Lights are shipped in a small box and are not pre-installed on our products. These photos show how beautiful these LED lights look on a wreath; the wreath is not included. Four AA batteries are not included.    

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$24.95 each

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