White Wreath Lights

Add delicate sparkle to wreaths, garland, tabletop trees and centerpieces with these LED wreath lights. You will need three AA batteries to power these little lights as they shine for up to 160 hours. Lights are on an automatic timer; once turned on, they stay on for 6 hours, then automatically turn themselves off and will light up again at the same time the next day, repeating this cycle until you turn them off. Our wreath lights are easy to use. When using them with a wreath, simply tuck them into the greenery all the way around the front of the wreath, and put the battery pack behind the wreath so it's not visible. With a centerpiece, gently wrap the lights around the product, tucking the lights into the greenery. Lights are shipped in a small box and are not pre-installed on our products. 30 LED lights on an ultra-slim 96" wire. Batteries not included.