Cedar Garland: How To Choose The Right One

April 21, 2022  •  3 min read

Cedar Garland: How To Choose The Right One

When it comes to Christmas decorations, cedar garland is a popular choice. While you can choose other alternatives like pine garland, berry garland, or even eucalyptus garland, there’s nothing quite like cedar garland. It's fragrant and has a natural deep green color.

But how do you choose the right cedar garland for your Christmas garland needs? We can help and our Fresh Garland Collection has many options for you to consider. We are here to help you make the right decision to ensure your Christmas decor looks incredible.


Cedar Garland

What is cedar garland, and what are its benefits?

Cedar garland is a type of holiday garland made from cedar branches. It's popular for Christmas decorations because it has a natural deep green color, and it's very fragrant. Cedar is a very long-lasting evergreen, so cedar garland will last through the holiday season. Our cedar garland holiday decoration is hand made from fresh, locally sourced cedar branches. It’s very versatile and can be placed on the banister, fireplace mantel, dining room centerpiece, or any other place to display your holiday decor. It also looks beautiful outside on railings, fences, and around front doors.


Cedar Garland

How do you choose the right cedar garland for your needs?

When choosing a cedar garland for your home decor, you need to consider the following factors:

  • The length of the cedar garland: You need to choose a cedar garland that is the right size for your needs. Our cedar garland comes in 18’ lengths which is perfect around a standard sized door.
  • The garland materials: What kind of materials do you want to be included with your greenery? Many styles including cedar garland can have pine cones, LED lights, sprigs, or even boxwood added. You’ll need to decide what style of greenery garland is most important to you and how you plan to use it.
  • To light or not to light? That is the question for cedar garlands: prelit and unlit. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a prelit strand of garland although they are hard to find, and often it makes more sense to buy unlit and add your own lights. This way you can use your own lights and reuse them again in the future.
  • The price of cedar garland: Cedar garlands can range in price from $20-$100.

How to decorate with cedar garland

Once you have chosen your cedar garland, you need to decide how to decorate it. Here are some ideas:

No matter how you choose to decorate with cedar garland, it will add a touch of nature and elegance to your home.


Cedar Garland

Cedar garland care and maintenance

Once you have chosen and decorated it with cedar garland, you need to know how to care for it. Here are some tips:

  • Keep cedar garland away from heat sources. This will help prevent the cedar branches from drying out and becoming brittle.
  • Be sure to water the cedar garland during the holidays. This will help prevent the cedar branches from becoming too dry and brittle and delay that beautiful smell from fading too soon. Simply spritz it with water every few days.
  • Now that you know how to choose and care for cedar garland, you can add this elegant decoration to your home this holiday season.

Finding The Best Garland At Lynch Creek Farm

Here at Lynch Creek Farm, we offer a variety of cedar garlands that are perfect for your Christmas decorating needs. We have unlit cedar garlands, and our garlands are the freshest available anywhere. Unlike artificial pine or faux cedar garland you might find elsewhere, we design fresh cedar garlands that will accompany any holiday home, whether you need decorating for the front porch, living room, or entryway, and will have that wonderful evergreen fragrance that will fill your home and welcome guests. Our cedar garlands are also affordably priced, so they fit your budget and make a wonderful gift. Checkout our full selection today and preorder these bestsellers to make sure you have the perfect decoration this holiday season before they are gone!