Beautiful Hand-Crafted Holiday Garlands for the Season Ahead

If you're someone who looks forward to decorating your home for the holidays, it's probably important for you to either create and DIY your own perfect Christmas decorations or to collect high-quality and long-lasting holiday decorations to start the season on a good note. Lucky for you, Lynch Creek Farm has everything you need to bring warmth, light, and some holiday cheer straight to your house. Our decorations are sustainably harvested and hand-created to bring the highest quality greenery, evergreen, and colorful decorations to meet all of your seasonal home decor needs. 

Wide Variety of Gorgeous Holiday Decorations 

We offer a wide variety of holiday season decor including tabletop Christmas trees with battery-operated LED lights and multi-color ornaments, swags with hand-tied bows, holiday and Christmas garlands that are ultra fragrant, Christmas wreaths that can come pre-lit with red berries, and clear lights, and centerpieces, perfect for the dining room table or somewhere hanging in the living room. Our best seller this year is the holiday garland, which can come in either an 18 foot or 72-foot order. If you're shopping for garlands, you'll get several options to choose from, all of them fresh with the best holiday fragrance. The most popular garland is our Premium Garland which combines noble fir, incense cedar, and pine. This garland is sure to enhance the festive ambiance you're going for and is available as an 18-foot length. You can also shop handy and easy-to-use Garland Ties in either the color burgundy or chestnut.

Our Cedar Garland is made with western red cedar and is a hardy garland to have. It's available in 18 feet or 72 feet but will be shipped in 18 feet lengths if you request the longer garland. Our Mixed Garland pulls together western red cedar and incense cedar that also includes sweet-smelling white pine for a unique pine garland that smells of an abundant holiday season ahead. Our Douglas Fir Garland is also a great option and comes in both lengths for your decorating needs. 

DIY or Add Your Own Decorations to the Garlands

These garlands are the perfect holiday decor to display across a fireplace mantel, a banister that needs some color, or over the front door to be the perfect welcome beacon for this busy and social season. If you're looking for simple Christmas decor then these garlands are for you! All of these garlands come unlit and without tassels, lights, or pinecones. But who says you have to keep it that way? Another plus to buying a garland is the freedom to decorate it any which way you’d like. You're more than welcome to add any decorations and elements to create the perfect garland for you. You can add berries and create a berry garland or add warm white lights or white LED lights to add that special sparkle to your home. Christmas lights are also the way to go if you can't fit a tree inside your home or apartment but want that Christmas look to welcome anyone coming in. If you want to celebrate with a little more color, adding magnolias, poinsettias, or even eucalyptus to the bristles to create a unique take on the traditional garland.

You can shop at a place like the National Tree Company or Amazon, but you won't get the homey touch Lynch Creek Farm offers. With a simple swipe of a credit card, you're well on your way to bringing home the most beautiful, hand-crafted, and sustainable holiday decorations that'll leave your guests in awe and bring new and exciting energy to your home!