Celebrate Springtime with Floral Wreaths

August 07, 2023  •  4 min read

Celebrate Springtime with Floral Wreaths

Spring is a season of renewal, beauty, and celebration. As nature awakens with a burst of bright and pastel color and wildflower fragrance, it's the perfect time to infuse our homes with the essence of this joyful season. One of the most captivating ways to bring the spirit of spring indoors is through the use of stunning spring wreaths, which can be floral wreaths, berry wreaths, or even greenery wreaths. Let's explore the enchanting world of spring wreaths for home decor, delve into the charm of Easter-themed wreaths, Valentine’s Day wreaths, and Mother’s Day wreaths, and discover why we’re so passionate about dried floral wreaths here at Lynch Creek Farm.

A Celebration of Nature's Bounty

Spring is a season of renewal, symbolizing the circle of life. The circular nature of floral wreaths, especially in springtime, beautifully encapsulates this life cycle, representing the ever-continuing journey of birth, growth, and transformation.

While wreaths are often considered a front door decor item, our flower wreaths are made by hand of real, dried flowers and greenery. For this reason, we don’t recommend hanging them on front doors, as the continual opening and closing of the door can damage our handcrafted spring wreaths. Instead, we recommend displaying our dried springtime wreaths in your entryway, living room, dining room, and hallways.

Elevating Valentine's Day Decor

This year, why not elevate your Valentine's Day decor with a touch of natural charm and wildflower elegance? Lynch Creek Farm handcrafts spring wreaths adorned with real greenery, wildflowers, dried flowers, and leaves such as hydrangeas, magnolias, zinnias, and more, symbolizing the circle of life and the essence of springtime. Whether you're looking to create a romantic ambiance at home or searching for a thoughtful gift, these exquisite wreaths bring a touch of whimsy and artistry to any space.

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a unique and heartfelt gesture. While succulents and decorative DIY plant hangers might seem the way to go, there is a more unique option. Don’t order a commonplace gift from Amazon; instead, celebrate your valentine by gifting them a heart-shaped wreath or a dried bouquet and wreath gift set.

Easter Wreaths for a Whimsical Twist

Easter is a time of joy and hope, and what better way to symbolize these sentiments than with an Easter-themed wreath adorning your home? The bright yellow, orange, and pink zinnia flowers in our Festival of Flowers wreath remind us of a play on an egg wreath with its bright Easter egg colors. Unsurprisingly, the Festival of Flowers is one of our best sellers.

If you prefer a more subdued, pastel Easter theme, our French Countryside wreath might be the perfect spring wreath for your home decor. Eucalyptus, white statice blooms, pink phalaris, and natural English lavender are combined into the epitome of elegant Easter decoration.

Hydrangea wreaths are another one of our best sellers for springtime. Our Heavenly Hydrangea wreath is perfect for hydrangea lovers who love the spring floral look. Greenery wreaths that focus on green leaves and a monotone look are another popular Easter option. Our Classic Green Myrtle is a flowerless, greenery wreath that is as simple as it is sophisticated. This subtle yet striking all-season wreath would look gorgeous in any entryway. Some of our customers even choose to carefully place decorated mini-eggs in this wreath to create a DIY egg wreath for Easter. Our Classic Green Myrtle wreath is also very popular for an elevated take on St. Patrick’s Day decor!

Mother’s Day Gifts: The Beauty of Dried Florals

As Mother's Day approaches, we all seek to express our love and gratitude for the special women in our lives. Skip the traditional bouquet of peonies or forsythia or the monogram mug off Amazon, and instead consider a dried floral wreath for a unique Mother's Day gift. Magnolia wreaths, greenery wreaths, lavender wreaths, and sunflower wreaths are all much more memorable gift ideas than typical Mother’s Day gifts. Unlike artificial flowers, dried flowers retain their natural beauty and fragrance, serving as a lasting reminder of your affection. The intricate details and earthy charm of these wreaths are a testament to the skilled craftsmanship poured into each creation. When you gift a spring flower wreath, you're not merely giving a decoration; you're offering a piece of nature's beauty that will brighten your mother's home for months to come.

Some of our most popular Mother’s Day floral wreaths take inspiration from summer. These summer wreaths include our sunflower wreaths, such as Sunflower Moon and our Golden Oak wreath. While the stunning beauty of our floral wreaths may encourage your mother to hang them as a front door wreath, we ask that you remind her to treat our floral wreaths with a little more care due to their delicate nature.

Why Choose Dried Floral Wreaths Over Artificial

While artificial wreaths may have their place, dried floral wreaths offer unique advantages for spring home decor. Natural dried flowers have an organic allure, showcasing the genuine splendor of the season. Unlike artificial spring flowers, which can look inexpensive, dried flower wreaths, and even green leaf wreaths, retain their authentic appearance, radiating a sense of natural elegance. Additionally, dried floral wreaths are eco-friendly, as they require no synthetic materials or wasteful production processes. Their sustainable nature aligns perfectly with the spirit of spring, emphasizing the importance of nurturing our environment. Additionally, eucalyptus wreaths and lavender wreaths will retain some of their fragrance, something artificial wreaths can never offer. Artificial spring floral wreaths just can’t compare to the beauty of dried flower springtime wreaths.

Handcrafted dried floral wreaths capture the essence of spring, infusing your home with the charm of springtime beauty. Whether you're looking for enchanting spring decor or a heartfelt Mother's Day gift, Lynch Creek Farm’s dried spring floral wreaths offer the perfect solution. Celebrate the season of renewal with a touch of elegance, artistry, and eco-consciousness through our alluring spring wreaths.