Christmas Magic at Lynch Creek Farm

June 07, 2021  •  4 min read

Sitting on several acres of land off of Lynch Road in Washington state is a well-known local farm run by a family dedicated to creating some of the most beautiful holiday wreaths and garland ever made. Lynch Creek Farm, owned by the Hunter family, began in 1974 as an organic vegetable farm that fed their family and eventually sold produce and flowers at the local Shelton Farmers Market. In 1984, the family switched to the second-largest farmers market in Washington State, the Olympia Farmers Market, and continues to sell evergreen products there today. In the warm summer months, before the holiday season arrives, the farm sells dahlia flowers at a U-cut field at the family home. The community loves this time of year and meets family and friends at the field to cut gorgeous dahlias. When fall and winter roll around, the farm specializes in high-quality evergreen Christmas wreaths, centerpieces, tree garlands, swags, and even tabletop Christmas trees. These are all handmade and shipped from their facility nearby. What began as a family hobby grew into a full-fledged Christmas decor and holiday decorations business! We invite you to continue reading about all the beautiful fresh evergreen products they offer their customers across the country...

Cedar, Fir, and Pine Garland

Lynch Creek Farm offers a beautiful assortment of handmade wreaths, centerpieces, and tabletop trees. While these are all very popular, did you know they also make fresh Christmas garland? After hanging up those glittery pre-lit Christmas lights and Christmas decorations around the house, you can't forget about the other home decor holiday pieces that bring your home to life. Some of their most popular Christmas decorations are soft bristle Christmas garlands, made from forest materials like cedar and pine. Lynch Creek Farm doesn’t offer PVC-filled artificial Christmas garlands and artificial pinecone garlands. Nor do they sell prickly spruce garland, large-leaf garland that dries out quickly, or artificial tinsel garland. Their products are authentic and derived from the local landscapes. Their Christmas garlands are the perfect decorative pieces to bring holiday cheer to those cold frosted window days. They know that many customers are looking for pre-lit garland, so they offer a variety of LED lights and other battery operated warm white lights to add to garland. It is the perfect way to add a gorgeous, glittery glow this holiday season.

Cedar Garland by Cait @nest.out.west
Cedar Garland by Cait @nest.out.west
Photos of Cedar Garland
by Cait @nest.out.west on Instagram

One of their most popular Christmas decor is Cedar Garland, which you can choose from 18 feet or 72 feet lengths (shipped in 18 ft sections) at checkout. This garland is made with western red cedar and is used for decorating living rooms, fences, banisters, mantles, fireplace mantels, as well as entryways and front doors. Another popular option is the Mixed Garland which consists of fresh western red and incense cedar and sweet-smelling white pine. Their luxurious Premium Garland combines noble fir, incense cedar, and western red cedar, and you can add your own pinecones or red berries if you’d like. These unlit fir garland, pine garland, and cedar garlands are the perfect holiday decorations to bring a little life into your home while inviting a fresh Christmas aroma to fill your space. But if you want to add even more festive fun and sparkle to your garland decor, as mentioned before you can add your own Christmas clear lights or LED lights to the garland or branch tips that are battery-operated or plug-in your wall. They're easy to use and add a warm Christmas glow to your home.

Premium Garland by Shelby @shelbygoodman
Photo of Premium Garland
by Shelby @shelbygoodman on Instagram

An Eco-Friendly
and Sustainable Farm

Lynch Creek Farm continues to grow and they now have over 200,000 square feet of warehouse space to produce and ship their beautiful products. They hand make all of their live greenery products throughout the seasons, and especially during the festive winter snowflake season! All the while, they are eco-conscious in their practices and find ways to sustainably harvest their home decor pieces from the land while ensuring that their evergreen products naturally biodegrade. They vow to protect local forests and ecosystems and incorporporate practices to allow for reforestation efforts to thrive. They don’t cut down trees but instead cut lower branches to gather natural materials for their evergreen garland. They even work closely with local landowners to generate revenue for their communities to survive and thrive on. You can read more about their sustainable practices here.

This small farm is more than the home of fresh evergreen products. It’s a place that values its employees, community, and finds ways to give back to the land as often as possible. Being family-run adds a personal element to each holiday decor piece, and they guarantee to bring you 100% satisfaction with every product you order. When you support Lynch Creek Farm, you’re supporting sustainable forest initiatives as well as a family that has made it their mission to create the most authentic and naturally harvested decorating pieces with you in mind. If you are interested in learning more about this unique small business, click here to read more about the Hunter Family, some farm history, and how every year they create a bit of Christmas magic!