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The holiday season is upon us and a cause for celebration! It’s our favorite time to spend special time with friends and loved ones, cook delicious meals, and decorate our homes for the season. Decorating with fresh evergreens is a time-honored tradition all around the world at Christmas time. It’s a beautiful and easy way to bring the magic of the holidays into your home and everyday life!

Here at Lynch Creek Farm, we love decorating with fresh evergreens. So much so that we think about and design holiday and Christmas products all year round! We use fresh noble fir, cedar, pine, juniper as well as fresh magnolia and bay leaves to create a wide variety of decorative wreaths, centerpieces, garland, and mini tabletop trees. With such a variety of products, our hope is to make gift-giving and home decorating as easy as possible.

Most of our customers love hanging one of our fresh holiday wreaths on their front doors. They also enjoy showcasing beautiful centerpieces on their dining room tables and kitchen counters. Have you considered, however, other ways to decorate with live evergreens? The beauty of using fresh evergreens is that there are a ton of ways to decorate with them! And they’re all easy, which is a relief during this busy season.

We’ve assembled a variety of examples of how our products can be used to enhance holiday cheer and beauty this season. The photos shown here were taken by some of our wonderful blogger friends who decorate their homes for Christmas and share their photos with their followers. They are remarkably creative in how they decorate their homes with our products. We are excited to share these decorating ideas with you and hope to inspire you to decorate creatively this season! So, try these ideas or come up with your own. We would love to see how you decorate, so please send us your photos! We can’t wait to see the creative ways our customers enjoy our products.

Blended Bay

In the Kitchen

Add the fragrance of fresh noble fir to your kitchen and enjoy a burst of lush holiday joy while you cook. Catherina Gailey of the “Sage Hill Cottage” blog used a wreath stand to beautifully display her simple and natural Blended Bay wreath, which adds a striking pop of verdant green against her luminous white kitchen. The contrast is eye-catching, lovely, and shows off the fresh evergreens beautifully. An evergreen centerpiece on a kitchen island or countertop is also a festive addition to any kitchen setting and may just make getting dinner on the table even more enjoyable!

Blended Bay

On Banisters and Mantles

Complement your holiday decorations with fresh and fragrant evergreen Christmas garland. We offer several varieties of  fresh evergreen garland  made of noble fir, douglas fir, pine, and two varieties of cedar. Use them to spruce up bannisters and stairways, or drape them on your front door, fences, or mantles. Fresh, green garland looks stunning on its own, or tuck in your own creative decorations as Cindy Hattersley of the “Rough Luxe Lifestyle” Blog has done. Such a simple way to add holiday ambiance to any space!

Kaley Dipietro of @thelittlewhitefarmhouse on Instagram has added life and contrast to this rustic setting by draping fresh cedar garland over the unused fireplace. Such an enchanting addition to the farmhouse room, and so easy to do!


In Bedrooms

Have you ever considered bringing fresh evergreens into your bedroom? Hanging a wreath above a bed will bring a smile every time you enter the room, and the wonderful fragrance will soothe and relax your senses. Joan Berman from the “Two Ladies & A Chair” blog transformed her bedroom into a winter wonderland by creating a mostly white backdrop for the pops of pretty green. This focal point draws the eye and leaves it satisfied every time. Talk about a white Christmas! 

Blended Bay

Adele Brown of the “Home Chronicles” blog shows here that just about any piece in the bedroom can serve as a backdrop for one of our fresh wreaths! She hung our beautiful and simple  Blended Bay wreath on a white-washed door that she creatively uses as a headboard for her bed. Try swapping out whatever pictures or artwork that are currently above your bed for a fresh wreath this holiday season, and show us your photos!


Holiday evergreen wreaths look amazing anywhere, but hanging one above a fireplace mantle is especially cozy. Just make sure the wreath isn’t too close to the flames and that sparks can’t reach the wreath! :) Cait Pappas of @nest.out.west on Instagram has highlighted her Alpine Holiday wreath by hanging it from a simple and beautiful wood plank backdrop. The look is rustic and gorgeous! Because our hand-made evergreen wreaths are held together with wire, this makes hanging them from pretty much any location with nails or hooks really easy!

Wreath above fireplace


Look at this beautiful charcoal-colored barn. But it’s okay if you don’t have one! We don’t either, but we absolutely love how this barn shows off our rustic, antler Woodland Lodge wreaths! It’s just another example of how our versatile live evergreen wreaths can be hung on any door and look amazing. Barns, houses, bedrooms, cars (okay, maybe not any door… but most!) Cindi McCloud of @cindimc.ivoryhomedesign on Instagram hung these two fresh wreaths and garland on her barn doors, beautifully contrasting with the dark color of the barn and adding holiday cheer to her outdoor space. It is a wonderful welcome to friends, family, and neighbors. We encourage you to try decorating your outdoor space for the holiday season. You definitely don’t need a big barn! Our hand-made garland, wreaths, and swags can be hung on garages, sheds, fences, and even mailboxes. They last a long time outdoors, especially in cooler climates, and will be enjoyed by everyone passing by or visiting all season long!

Barn Wreath

When you think of places to hang your beautiful evergreen wreath, think outside the box and a world of possibilities will open up.... the front door is not your only option! Our fresh wreaths can be hung on inside doors too, as shown here by Lisa Blair of @blairhomedecor on Instagram. She creatively used our  Tis The Season wreath to add charm and festivity to this room. Wreath hangers make transforming a room so easy - just pop one over your door, hang the wreath on it, and bam! Your decorating is done. We offer a variety of sturdy wreath hangers in different styles and colors to make your holiday decorating super easy. Add one to your wreath when you are shopping on our website and it will be shipped in the box along with the wreath! Your wreath can be hung the minute you receive it!

Wreath on door

Another creative way to decorate with our wreaths is to use them as transitions between rooms. This gorgeous and fresh  Blended Bay wreath is beautifully hung on a sliding “barn” door between the kitchen and living room. Shelby Mikuconis of @urbangrayhome on Instagram added the perfect simple touch of greenery to delight everyone who walks by. Its fresh evergreen fragrance will also be noticed by anyone passing by.

Wreath on black door


You don’t need a door or a fireplace in order to bring the stunning addition of a Christmas evergreen wreath into your home. They look amazing anywhere! Courtnee Ruckman of  @courtnee_lee_at_home on Instagram shows how easy it is to transform a wall into a magical holiday setting. Our festive Tis The Season wreath comes with a working white-washed chalkboard and chalk so you can add your own personalized greeting or drawing, making it the perfect accent to your family’s Christmas decor.

Wreath above fireplace

You can also add a cozy ambiance to any room by hanging a wreath above a chair or table. Jessica Matos of @idreamofhomemaking of Instagram used our rustic and natural  King of the Forest wreath to bring a pop of forest majesty to her living room. We just love how it looks in her beautiful living room. 

With so many styles and colors to choose from, it’s easy to complement any decor with a Lynch Creek Farm evergreen wreath! We hope to have inspired you to be creative and think of new ways to decorate with evergreens this holiday season, whether it’s hanging a fresh wreath in a new place in your home or adding garland or wreaths to our outdoor space. The possibilities are endless! We hope to hear from you with your ideas and photos soon! Please send them to us at Happy holidays!

Wreath on black door