From Christmas To Mother's Day: How Garlands Can Be Used To Decorate Your Home

August 03, 2023  •  2 min read

From Christmas To Mother's Day: How Garlands Can Be Used To Decorate Your Home

At Lynch Creek Farm, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality fresh greenery garlands for your special events and holiday decorations.

One of our best sellers is our line of fresh garland. We offer Premium Garland, Mixed Garland, Cedar Garland, and Douglas Fir Garland. While there are many different varieties on the market including a vast range of greenery, such as silver dollar eucalyptus, boxwood, cedar, plumosa, ruscus, and pine cones, our garlands are only made with the freshest evergreens. This combination of greens is perfect for creating a beautiful and natural garland for your home or as a centerpiece over your mantle or any entryway.

Having Options for Decorating With Garland Is A Very Good Thing.

Any of our garland options can double as holiday garlands, from traditional Christmas garlands using noble fir, fraser fir, and white pine to more unique mixed garlands.



Garlands Can Be Used For Different Occasions

Not just for the holidays; magnolia garland is perfect for any special occasion, from weddings to Mother's Day, and can be used to create beautiful table runners with the help of some decorative swag and floral wire.

The Importance Of Fresh Flowers And Greenery In Home Decor

You don’t have to be a florist to understand the importance of using fresh flowers and greenery in home decor projects, and our garlands are no exception. Each garland is hand-made using only the freshest and highest-quality greens.

Why Lynch Creek Farm Is The Best Choice For Fresh Garlands

With Lynch Creek Farm, you can be sure that you are getting the best when it comes to fresh greenery and garlands. Browse our selection today and see why we are one of the top providers of fresh green holiday decorations that your guests will truly love.