Lynch Creek Farm’s Fundraising Program Gives Back

October 22, 2019  •  3 min read

puppy_fundraising Over 15 years ago, a friend of the Farm purchased wreaths locally to sell and raise funds for a local Christian School. The problem was, he didn’t love the wreaths. Thin and skimpy, his wreaths were not as full and beautiful as those offered by Lynch Creek Farm. So, he visited his friend Andy Hunter at the Farm to see if he could help. Andy didn’t hesitate! In just a few short hours, to the delight of the School, the wreaths were vastly improved. When the time to fundraise approached again the next year, the School came directly to Andy and the Farm for his full and gorgeous wreaths, and so began the Lynch Creek Farm Fundraising Program.

Lynch Creek Farm is a community-oriented, family-owned business in the small western Washington town of Shelton. What started out as a small organic vegetable farm to “keep the kids out of trouble” has flourished, contributing to the growth of the local economy for over three decades, and becoming one of the largest providers of handmade fresh Christmas wreaths, centerpieces, and other elegant evergreen decorations in the nation. Our emphasis is on the quality of the final product which is full, fresh, and eye-catching, and our customers love us as a result.
We remain community-focused to this day, and as our operation has expanded, so has our ability to work with all manner of community organizations across the country. What began as a local, wholesale Christmas wreath fundraising program has blossomed into nationwide community support. Although hands-on holiday wreath fundraising has been popular in the United States for at least the last century, the internet is quickly becoming one of the most common places to shop, and fundraising no longer has to be as hands-on as it once was. This is why, in 2012, we introduced our online fundraising program in its current form. With Lynch Creek Farm’s Fundraising Program, it’s easy to sign up, easy to share, and easy to earn! To date, we have helped more than 1,000 groups nationwide raise over $1 million using our online fundraising platform to sell fresh, beautiful evergreen decorations to supporters near and far.
Partnering with Lynch Creek Farm Fundraising to help your community is a win for everyone! Community groups can easily increase their fundraising potential with very little effort by offering supporters of their cause the opportunity to shop our entire collection of elegant evergreen decorations online, and in the process earn 15% of all sales and 100% of all donations.

Lynch Creek Farm is grateful for the opportunity it has to help others. In addition to starting the Lynch Creek Farm Fundraising Program, we have also established a two-acre U-pick dahlia field in Shelton which has turned into a well-loved destination for locals. During the summer, Lynch Creek Dahlias allows local community groups to take over the fields from August to October each year. Visitors to the field on these takeover days can cut their own dahlias or purchase pre-made bouquets, and the Farm donates 100% of the day’s proceeds to the local community group. The groups learn about flowers by creating bouquets and by selling what they have created. It has quickly become a favorite fundraiser for them. This is just one more example of how Lynch Creek Farm gives back to the local community that it loves.
While the massive success of Lynch Creek Farm has allowed us to see our fresh Christmas wreaths, centerpieces, tabletop trees, garland and other specialty products festively adorning homes in every corner of the United States, we have never lost sight of our humble origins. Everything from customer service to design and production is still done on one plot of land in this humble town, surrounded by the pristine forests of the great Pacific Northwest.

We have a small but dedicated fundraising team of friendly, knowledgeable individuals who will do everything in their power to help each and every one of our fundraising groups find success. While many fundraising programs simply provide you with startup materials, we are here along with our amazing customer support staff to assist you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Becoming a partner and fundraising with Lynch Creek Farm means that you will be equipped with everything you need to reach your fundraising goals while spreading holiday cheer with full, fresh, natural evergreen gifts that will be enjoyed by all!