Lynch Creek Farm’s Fundraising Program Highlights Mary Bridge Brigade: Champions for Children’s Health

June 18, 2020  •  3 min read

Last year, we posted a blog about Lynch Creek Farm’s Fundraising Program and all the wonderful organizations it has helped over the years. As a community-focused business, giving back is deeply important to us. Through our Fundraising Program, we’ve helped over 1,000 groups nationwide raise over $1 million using our online fundraising platform to sell our fresh, beautiful evergreen products to supporters all across the country. We’d love for you to read about the program in that blog post: Lynch Creek Farm’s Fundraising Program Gives Back.

Mary Bridge Brigade

One of the Fundraising groups near and dear to our hearts is Mary Bridge Brigade. This non-profit organization consists of volunteers whose sole purpose is to support Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. Located just south of Seattle in Tacoma, Washington, Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital provides critical care for children throughout Western Washington and across the Pacific Northwest. From day-to-day health care to pediatric surgery and emergency services, the hospital helps children from all walks of life.

Organized with 32 active guilds that hold fundraising events throughout the year, members include community leaders, hospital staff, and many families and past patients of the hospital. Through the guilds’ collective efforts and countless volunteer hours, the Brigade has donated an amazing $35 million to support health and healing for children since they began in 1921! Lynch Creek Farm is incredibly honored to be part of helping this outstanding organization work toward its mission.

First Frost in the Snow
Natalie, center, with her friends Caroline and Thunder at a fun-filled photoshoot

The Hunter family, who owns Lynch Creek Farm, has experienced first hand the great care that Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital provides. Last year, owners Andy and Tracey’s 12-year-old daughter Natalie developed discomfort in the back of her foot while swimming in the saltwater. Over a couple of days, it spread toward her ankle and became very painful. After seeing a doctor, Natalie was rushed to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital where she was diagnosed with an MRSA bacteria infection which was quickly spreading up her leg with the danger of entering her bloodstream. It was a scary time for the family, but the extraordinary staff at the hospital took wonderful care of Natalie. After 5 sleepless nights in the hospital, the infection improved and the worst was over. Special thanks to the team of doctors and nurses at Mary Bridge for their team medicine approach and special care of Natalie!

We are so proud to say that the Brigade has been raising money with Lynch Creek Farm’s Fundraising Program since 2013, and they’ve been an absolute joy to work with! Patty Nevins is the Brigade’s Wreath Chairperson and a terrific fundraising coordinator. It’s an important role that she’s carried out with enthusiasm since 2018. We recently touched base with Patty about fundraising with us. When asked why she is so committed to the Brigade, Patty said “I volunteer with the Brigade because of my love of children, and this group is dedicated to helping all the children and families of our community.” She shared that the Brigade loves Lynch Creek Farm’s Fundraising Program because it is so easy for coordinators and supporters to use. Compared to other fundraisers they’ve worked with, she found it easier to get started with our online platform, and it took less time to manage the campaign. When there were questions, Patty found quick answers from our Fundraising Team who is ready to help at every step of the process. Patty also likes that we offer a wide variety of holiday products that supporters can choose from. So, it’s easy to find a fresh evergreen gift for everyone on your gift list. When asked how we helped the Brigade reach their fundraising goal, Patty said “... streamline ordering online and by phone made it so easy for people to order. Plus the catalog is very helpful for those who are not comfortable using a computer.” By giving a considerable portion of every sale back to the Brigade, and by shipping hundreds of fresh evergreen Christmas wreaths and centerpieces across the country to their supporters and gift recipients, Lynch Creek Farm is so pleased to have helped the Brigade and hospital for so many years!

Patient Care

We’d love for you to learn more about Mary Bridge Brigade by visiting their website. If you’d like to learn more about using Lynch Creek Farm’s Fundraising Program to raise funds for an organization you are part of, you can learn more here. And, of course, our fabulous Fundraising Team is available to answer any questions. They can be reached by email at or by calling 1-888-426-0781 Extension 3. Whether a school, sports team, or community organization, we’ll love to help you reach your fundraising goals this coming holiday season!