Summer Door Wreaths that Inspire

July 26, 2023  •  4 min read

Summer Door Wreaths that Inspire

Summertime is the season for relaxation and fun, and what better way to enjoy the season than by adding some life to your home decor with a beautiful summer wreath? While not recommended for your front door, a dried wreath is a great way to show off your personality and style and make your home more welcoming as a seasonal decorating idea.

Summer Wreath For Front Door or In My Home?

Either will do! A summer wreath is a type of wreath that is specifically designed for the summer season. Like a Spring wreath, they are usually made with brightly-colored flowers or decorations such as summer lemon wreaths with yellow forsythia to capture a fresh bright yellow theme. Whimsical versions may even incorporate seashells and starfish for a coastal beach motif. 

Other Variations of Summer Wreaths:

                                                                               Hydrangea Wreaths                                 Lavender Wreaths
                                                                               Peony Wreaths                                         Succulent Wreaths
                                                                               Berry Wreaths                                          Grapevine Wreaths
                                                                               Eucalyptus Wreaths                                 Summer Garden Wreaths
                                                                               Sunflower Wreaths                                  Wildflower Wreaths

Summer wreath ideas are virtually endless before you add your DIY tie-ins. Here are some of the most popular wreaths from our summer line.

Classic Green Myrtle

Summer greenery wreath personified! The Classic Green Myrtle is a best-seller that evokes the deep green leaves of a summer garden. A striking alternative to a boxwood wreath, this 22” wreath is lovingly handcrafted with all-natural preserved green myrtle and often can be adorned with your own special touches like a burlap bow and other swag to give your wreath a more farmhouse decor feel.

Garden Romance

Give your summer decor a touch of natural elegance with the Garden Romance wreath. This is a fan-favorite design with dried integrifolia, white larkspur, English lavender, pink phalaris, and white statice. A perfect blend of natural materials creates a look of graceful elegance that can be displayed in any room in your home, whether you are looking for a summer door wreath or a makeover for your indoor decor. With its beautiful mix of colors and materials, the Garden Romance wreath is sure to add natural elegance to any space it occupies.

Sunflower Season Wreath

The Sunflower Season wreath is a perfect follow-up to the Easter Tulip Wreath. This spring-summer flower wreath brings vibrance to your door with the help of a door hanger. Preserved green eucalyptus leaves, yellow coxcomb, white statice, larkspur, red globe amaranth, salal leaves, and of course, real sunflowers are hand assembled to create this eye-catching wonder.

Burst Of Glory

The Fourth of July is a festive day for celebrating our country with friends and family. If you’re looking for something other than front door decor, we have the perfect patriotic wreath for your home! Our Burst of Glory wreath is handmade with red and blue integrifolia leaves and white flax. It’s a great statement piece for adding a red, white, and blue splash to your home décor. You won’t find a homemade wreath with this type of quality on  Wayfair, Etsy, or Amazon.

Forever Zinnia

This beautiful wreath has no equal. We are proud to offer this stunning dried floral wreath full of fun and whimsical elements sure to catch your eye. Forever Zinnia will bring endless delight to anyone who receives it! We know you will love this dried floral wreath as much as we do. It would be the perfect addition to your home décor or a special gift for someone you love. Order yours today!