Thanksgiving and Autumn Wreaths at Lynch Creek Farm

July 26, 2023  •  3 min read

Thanksgiving and Autumn Wreaths at Lynch Creek Farm

It’s a time to give thanks and feast with our family and friends. A time for fall colors and fall foliage in your indoor-outdoor home decor. Our Thanksgiving and autumn wreaths are made by artisans and shipped from our farm to your holiday home.

Our greenery and flower wreaths will add a touch of rustic charm to your indoor or outdoor front door fall decor and make your guests feel welcome during the holiday season. Here are our top autumn wreath choices for this holiday season:

Magnolia Bay

On-trend and naturally gorgeous, the magnolia evokes feelings of nostalgia and the elegance and charm of the south. We combined these lustrous and beautiful magnolia leaves with bright bay leaves and evergreens to create the stylish Magnolia Bay wreath. 

Pacific Sunset

The Pacific Sunset perfectly captures the beauty of the autumn season with its bountiful collection of faux pumpkins, acorns, pinecones, fall leaves, berries, and sage. Copper and green ball clusters add touches of elegance, and a beautiful hand-tied moss green brushed-linen bow is added as the finishing touch. 

Majestic Magnolia

This dignified wreath combines fresh southern magnolia leaves, bay leaves, faux berries, copper ball clusters, white pine, noble fir, cedar, and ponderosa pinecones. A gorgeous hand-tied bow completes the elegant look of the Majestic Magnolia holiday wreath.

Southwest Myrtle

Natural myrtle leaves and branches are similar to boxwood and provide a classic look and design. Naturally preserved green, yellow, and orange myrtle are hand-assembled to create the Southwest Myrtle, a wreath that brings the feel of an outdoor wreath inside to be displayed any time of year.

Farmland Fall

Fall is here, and we’re celebrating with our elegant wreath for the inside of your front door! Our Farmland Fall wreath is the perfect way to celebrate the season. With beautiful shades of red and orange, this rustic wreath will add a touch of warmth to any room. We know that you’ll love this wreath as much as we do! It’s simple, rustic, and elegant all at the same time. Hang it anywhere or match it to your dining room centerpieces and enjoy the beauty of fall.

October Harvest

Looking for a unique and eye-catching wreath to celebrate fall? Our October Harvest wreath is a hand-arranged grapevine wreath with real, dried cherry pumpkins and contrasting green reindeer moss. This fall harvest wreath is a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving decor or as a gift for someone special. You’ll love the sweet pumpkin accents on this beautiful, natural wreath, making it perfect for almost anywhere. While it’s not recommended as front door decor, there is no shortage of places you can decorate. It’s sized at 18” and designed for indoor use. This pumpkin wreath also makes a great Halloween wreath.

Giving Thanks

Are you looking for the perfect corn husk wreath to celebrate Thanksgiving with holiday decor? Our Giving Thanks wreath is a beautiful blend of colors and materials that is perfect for fall decorating. It is handcrafted with an array of unique natural elements, including corn husk, phalaris, natural flax, amber oak leaves, and dried quince slices. 

Cider Season

An abundance of fresh noble fir, pine, and magnolia leaves are combined with cream and orange seed pods, pinecones, copper balls, and an assortment of faux nuts and cones. The natural colors of the magnolia leaves and other ornaments allow the Cider Season to tie in with your favorite fall and Thanksgiving decor. 

Autumn Harvest Wreaths Are Special

Thanksgiving and fall wreaths are the perfect way to add a touch of holiday cheer to your home while showing your guests how much you appreciate their visit. 

There are so many options to personalize your wreath and home decor to add a personal touch to our fresh wreaths like burlap bows, maple and oak leaf tie-ins, mini gourds, acorns, eucalyptus, and fall leaves. Berry wreaths do well with ribbon and flocking. DIY pinecones to a dried floral wreath or sunflower wreath and summer visually transitions to fall effortlessly!