The Beauty of Fresh Holiday Wreaths vs. Artificial Christmas Wreaths

July 20, 2023  •  3 min read

The Beauty of Fresh Holiday Wreaths vs. Artificial Christmas Wreaths

At Lynch Creek Wreaths, we specialize in creating fresh, artisanal wreaths and home decor using only the finest, locally-sourced greenery materials. We firmly believe that fresh wreaths and trees are superior to artificial pre-lit wreaths and trees for several reasons. The main reason is that nothing is better than the fragrance of real fresh Christmas trees and wreaths. You won’t get the natural feel or smell of wonderful live evergreens with artificial Christmas trees and wreaths. Bringing real evergreens like fir, cedar, and pine into the house feels like having a part of the natural world in your home. To us, this is one of the best parts of Christmas!

Fresh and Fragrant

First and foremost, fresh wreaths exude a natural, authentic beauty that glittery artificial wreaths cannot replicate. The evergreens, pinecones, bristle, red berries, and eucalyptus used in our wreaths are hand-picked and carefully chosen for their quality and beauty. This results in a door wreath that looks and smells like it was just cut from the forest. Stunning fresh wreaths like our Country Christmas wreath smell wonderful for weeks.

Guilt-Free Christmas

Another advantage of fresh wreaths is their sustainability. Artificial wreaths, even pre-lit and battery-operated options, can only be used for one holiday season before they look worn and faded. So while you could hold on to that for a few years, it eventually ends up in a landfill for a century. Even the Who’s of Whoville would say that’s wasteful.

On the other hand, fresh wreaths can last the holiday season if properly cared for, making them a more sustainable and cost-effective Christmas decoration as everything is biodegradable. Once removed, your decorations can be mulched for your compost bin. Simple wreaths like our Three Cedars can easily be completely composted, without decorations to remove.

Materials that Inspire

Fresh spruce, pine, and fir wreaths are more versatile than their inferior pre-lit artificial counterparts. These berry wreaths with greenery from Pacific Northwest trees are used as their base, with holiday decor woven into a tapestry of Christmas sentiment that could be as pleasant on your front door as it would be as a centerpiece in your living room.

You can dress them up with your own swag for a personal touch and find matching garlands to complete the look. They can be decorated with poinsettias or other flowers, making your home decor glow for the holidays. With more decorated wreaths such as our stunning Touch of Holly wreath, you won’t need to add your own touches. It’s ready to go right out of the box.

Have The Best Of Both Worlds

Here at Lynch Creek Farm, though our wreaths come unlit, we offer a range of lighting options for our fresh wreaths, including pre-lit, battery-operated, LED lights, and warm white lights. This allows you to have that fantastic fragrance throughout your home with ten minutes of setting the lights the way you want them.

We pride ourselves on using only the freshest, highest-quality materials to create wreaths that will light up the holiday season and beyond. We do offer pre-lit, battery-operated, clear lights on our site, as well as a beautiful, sturdy hanger for your family to celebrate each and every year. So you can enjoy a beautiful lighted wreath all season long!