When the holidays are upon us, we want nothing more than to welcome the season with decorations, lights, and home decor worthy of celebrating the best time of the year. We often display centerpieces, boxwood plants, burlap decorations, and DIY projects which require our favorite crafting tool, the hot glue gun! We get everything ready to dazzle guests as we prepare for changing weather and the season of giving. In all this effort to bring about more comfort and joy to our homes, we often call upon one specific home decor piece that brings it all together with a nice festive bow, and that would be a gorgeous Christmas wreath.

Wreath looks and Designs for Every Holiday and Celebration

Wreaths are symbolic of many holidays. Some of them, like the spring wreath, summer wreath, eucalyptus wreath, grapevine wreath, floral wreath, and Mother's Day wreath, are used to celebrate other wonderful moments in the year. Still, for end-of-the-year festivities, nothing beats an elegant Christmas wreath. Lynch Creek Farm has many handmade fresh evergreen wreath styles. Some popular beautiful wreath choices include farmhouse-style wreaths, Country Christmas wreath, Touch of Holly wreath, and the Majestic Magnolia from our stunning collection of magnolia wreaths.

The Perfect Magnolia Leaf Wreaths for Your Home This Season

Just like Chip and Joanna Gaines, who named their farmhouse business after the beautiful magnolia tree and know the beauty and warmth of the magnolia bloom, we at Lynch Creek Farm also see the beauty in the magnolia leaf and offer 6 different wreaths that include fresh magnolia leaves, pinecones, and beautiful greenery to welcome fall and winter to your home. Our magnolia leaf wreaths are the perfect door wreaths to hang on your front door, entryway, and front porch for the perfect welcoming Christmas piece. They can also adorn your dining room wall or find their way as a centerpiece on your dining room table.

Our Magnolia wreaths welcome the holiday season with color, vibrancy, and warmth. They come with ethically sourced natural and real magnolia leaves, bay leaves, berries, white pine, noble fir, and pinecones. They last approximately 3 weeks indoors and are also perfect for outdoor use lasting 4-6 weeks and much longer in cooler climates. You have the option of purchasing a hanger that comes in 5 different colors or adding soft LED wreath lights to your wreath, including crackle lights, firecracker lights, and traditional warm-white. They are the perfect way to upgrade an already beautiful gift! If you're someone who goes all out on Christmas decorations, we also offer a value pack where you'll receive four 26-inch wreaths mailed to your home at a 10% savings. This way, you can either gift them to your family and friends or use them to add holiday cheer to all corners of your home.

Family Run and in the Business of Sourcing Locally and Ethically

We pride ourselves on creating handmade creations that don't take away from the land we work on. We strive to give back to the forest and the community we work with every day. Our small family-run business is full of passionate and hardworking individuals who want to make sure you get the finest fresh evergreen decorations and home decor so that you can celebrate the season of love and gratitude. Happy holidays, from our Farm family to your family. We wish you a year full of happiness and warm memories.