Tabletop Christmas Trees to Add to Your Home

Every year, families gather together to find that perfect Christmas tree that'll reach their ceilings and signal the start of the best season of the year. They adorn these trees with LED lights, tinsel, and ornaments, and celebrate the season of giving with their loved ones. While we can all agree that Christmas trees are some of the best decorations you can bring into your home, what about the other corners of your home that need a little Christmas sparkle? Not every room can have a massive Christmas tree taking up room, which is why at Lynch Creek Farm we offer shoppers gorgeous tabletop Christmas trees to add as your home decor this holiday season!

Festive Christmas Tabletop Trees 

Our tabletop trees measure approximately 18-inches tall by 14-inches wide and are perfect for shoppers who still want to celebrate Christmastime but don't have a lot of room in their homes. When you shop here on our website, you'll see there are mini Christmas trees to choose from all with unique decorations and style. Shoppers who want bold trees with extra design will love trees like Shimmering Grace, Tartan Tree. Wrapped in burlap bows, frosted pinecones, string lights, and ornaments, these beautiful trees make the perfect holiday decorations that are made to last to 6 weeks or longer with proper care. These pre-lit trees come with tree lights as well as a bow or tree topper that's unique to the tree you purchase.

Colorful Silver and Blue Tabletop Trees

If you have a different aesthetic in your home and want more of an icy or blue hue to your decorations, trees like Blast From the Past, and Starry Night, bring a beautiful silver sparkle to your home. These trees come unlit but do include a pack of white battery-operated LED lights that you'll need to purchase AAA batteries for. It’s easy to add the lights to the tree yourself by simply wrapping them around the tree. If you're needing more Christmas lights to add to your tree, you can purchase clear lights or warm white lights. It's also good to keep in mind that these trees, while they are not artificial Christmas trees, are also not living trees. They are assembled with fresh evergreen sprigs and noble fir and they do, in fact, feel real. The greenery itself is fragrant and can last through the season with proper watering.

Finding the Perfect Space for Your Tabletop Tree

These beautiful trees can be placed in any small spaces that need extra festive room decor. Places like living room tables, coffee tables, or your home office are great corners to put these trees. We don’t just sell small trees, we also specialize in many other Christmas decorations including multicolor centerpieces, swags, holiday wreaths, and fragrant garlands to add to entryways, banisters, and fireplace mantels. You are always more than welcome to DIY one of the trees and add your own fun decorations to make it unique to you and your family. Add pictures, special ornaments, and other artifacts that help celebrate your loved ones and the connection you share with them.

You can go on Amazon or another big supply chain or find an artificial tabletop Christmas tree with companies like the national tree company, but you'd be missing out on holiday decor that was handmade with you in mind. At Lynch Creek Farm, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality Christmas decorations that every family and guest will revel at. We hand-make our products using sustainable materials that are durable and meant to last. Look to our family-run farm to bring you the most beautiful and fresh holiday decorations for you to decorate your home with this year!