Sweet Surprise

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  • Sweet Surprise
  • Sweet Surprise
  • Sweet Surprise
  • Sweet Surprise
  • Sweet Surprise
  • Sweet Surprise
  • Sweet Surprise
  • Sweet Surprise
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Send someone a wonderful Sweet Surprise with this amazing special! This incredible deal includes our gorgeous Springtime Retreat centerpiece and our Simply Sweets gift box. This duo will delight the senses with the elegant lavender-themed fresh centerpiece and a delectable gift box full of chocolates and sweets. What could be better!? Best of all, they are nicely priced at only $69.95. That’s 35% off their full value!

Centerpiece: The alluring purple hues will brighten any home. We start with a lovely lavender metal container and fill it with plenty of fresh salal, green huckleberry, and red huckleberry. It’s then adorned with purple ball ornaments, cream berry pods, faux lavender and topped off with a lovely birdhouse and a cute chickadee bird. It’s full of whimsy and charm. Measures approximately 14” across x 10.5” wide x 9.5” tall.

Gift Box: A true embodiment of joy for any sweets lover, we include delicious chocolate cookie crunch popcorn that is a heavenly combination of chocolate, popcorn, and Oreo cookies. Then we add unforgettable melt-in-your-mouth chocolate mints and buttery dulce de leche sea salt caramels. Also included are two velvety chocolate bars - a sea salt truffle bar and a Mexican hot chocolate truffle bar. It’s sure to take someone on a journey through a symphony of flavors.


  • South Bend Chocolate Company - Chocolate Oreo Cookie Crunch Popcorn (8oz)
  • Spokandy Chocolatier - Chocolate and Green Dinner Mints (3oz)
  • Spokandy Chocolatier - Dulce De Leche Sea Salt Caramels (4oz)
  • Seattle Chocolates - San Juan Sea Salt Truffle Bar (2.5oz)
  • Seattle Chocolates - Mexican Hot Chocolate Truffle Bar (2.5oz)

Whether celebrating a birthday, a special occasion, or simply wanting to share a dose of happiness, this centerpiece and sweets combination makes a heartwarming gift.


This promotion ends when sold out. Limit 5 per customer. Save 35% off the full value of $107.63. Cannot be exchanged with previous or existing orders. Cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. The lastest available ship date for this special is 4/1/24.

Materials: Centerpiece - fresh salal, green huckleberry, and red huckleberry with a bird house, a bird, faux lavender, purple ball clusters, and cream berry pods in a lavender metal container.
Longevity: approximately 3 weeks indoors when watered and spritzed every 2-3 days as needed.

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$69.95 each

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