Cascade Centerpiece

Our large, classic Cascade Centerpieces is a gorgeous traditional arrangement that has been well-loved over the years. Often given as a gift, this popular Christmas centerpiece beautifully combines fresh noble fir, white pine, and incense cedar. It is adorned with two red taper candles, festive red accent bows, holiday apples and berries, and bright gold Christmas balls. A perfect holiday decoration for any table, this grand and gorgeous piece measures approximately 16" x 20" and is sure to delight any recipient this holiday.

Materials: noble fir, white pine and incense cedar with 6 egg sized pine cones, 6 red berry clusters, 2 apple/berry/pine cone picks, 2 red or gold ball clusters, 2 red taper candles and 2 red velveteen with gold edges bow tucks
Longevity: approximately 3 weeks indoors when watered and spritzed every 2-3 days as needed
Estimated Arrival Dates
November 1 through December 31

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