Iced Winter Wreath

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  • Iced Winter Wreath
  • Iced Winter Wreath
  • Iced Winter Wreath
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Magicially understated and graceful, our Iced Winter Wreath evokes a winter wonderland with its shimmering crystal branches. Lush and full, this wreath layers sprigs of faux and natural branches on a twig base and covers them with icy crystals. This winter wreath can be display outdoors or in, and will look elegant on any front door, entryway, or above the mantel. It's beautiful glittery branches reflect light for a gorgeous shimmering effect. It's elegant wintry style can be displayed all winter long and well past the Christmas season. Add a bow or other decor to create different looks or enjoy it as it is. This high-quality wreath measures approximately 20" across and can be enjoyed for many winters to come. Measures approximately 20" across and 3" thick.

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