Plush Winter Penguin Figurines Set of 3

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  • Plush Winter Penguin Figurines Set of 3
  • Plush Winter Penguin Figurines Set of 3
  • Plush Winter Penguin Figurines Set of 3
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These delightful white penguins will add a touch of winter magic to any home this holiday season! Tasteful and cute, these elegant Plush Winter Penguin Figurines are soft to the touch yet sturdy and well-made. Sold as a set of 3, each penguin stands in a different position and the three look adorable together. They have a white glittery finish and wear fun gray and white scarves which match their gray beaks and feet. These festive friends are ready to add charm to your mantle, counter, shelves, entryway, or table. This set of 3 penguins ranges from 8" to 9.5" tall and from 4" to 5.5" wide.

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$64.95 each

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