Lighted Wreaths and Decorations from Lynch Creek Farm

August 12, 2022  •  3 min read

Lighted Wreaths and Decorations from Lynch Creek Farm

At Lynch Creek Farm, we’ve specialized in holiday decorations like garlands, centerpieces, swags, and tabletop Christmas trees for many years now, and we truly know what it means to bring the holiday season right to your home. Not only do we sell the staple Christmas decorations like the ones mentioned above, but we also create best-selling holiday wreaths for every season of the year, from the start of spring and celebrating Easter to the end of the holiday with New Year’s Eve. Our wreaths are perfect for front door decor, wall decor in your living room, or even a beautiful window wreath hanging on a hanger inside or out. Let Lynch Creek Farm be your provider for stunning and vibrant fir wreaths that’ll last you the season wherever you decide to put it.

Fall and Christmas Wreaths That Come Unlit

Each year we create lovely berry wreaths and pinecone wreaths with gorgeous and fragrant greenery. We then add an array of decorations like snowmen, red berries, snowflakes, eucalyptus, and frosted bristles to bring your home decor to life. While our gorgeous and fresh wreaths come unlit without any clear lights, we like to provide battery-operated string lights and white lights for customers to get the chance to light up their decorations for a little more shine. We don’t sell multicolor lights, but you’ll find the perfect ones to pair with your new product here on the website. A variety of lights are shown with each product. Simply click into a wreath, centerpiece, garland, or tree you are interested in, scroll down a bit, and you will find several lights options that you can add to the product. Select the lights you like and they will be added to  your order and shipped along with the product of your choosing. They will arrive with your evergreen product in the same box. It’s easy! For example, if you go to our best selling Brilliant Berries wreath, you will see hanger and lights as options to add to the wreath. Select what you like and it will be shipped along with the wreath. Lights can also be added to centerpieces, such as the popular Classic Christmas centerpiece.

                                   Classic Christmas                                                                                                        Brilliant Berries


String and Globe Lights to Add to Your Home Decor

We offer several LED light options, including White Wreath Lights, a warm white light option that requires 2 AA batteries and powers through a timer that sets on and off. We also have Crackle White Wreath Lights, string lights sitting at 120 inches long, and providing customers with warm white globe-shaped lights perfect for some extra dazzle on any decoration that needs something more. We also offer Fire Cracker Lights, super festive and stunning glittery lights that expand to 5 feet long. Lights can be added to any of our wreaths to add a gorgeous glow. Any door wreath, such as our Traditional and Red Deluxe wreaths, will look festive and elegant with lights.

Holiday wreath made of noble fir and cedar with a lighted metal star ornament hanging on a wooden wall


Wreath decorations have always been the perfect decoration to add to your home every year, and after scouring through our summer collection, as well as our Thanksgiving and Christmas products, you’ll find that that’s an easy feat to accomplish. We are not in the business of selling artificial Christmas wreaths, and with our competitors like Northlight and the National Tree Company, you might not even know what you’re truly getting. We want to be transparent with you and offer you everything you need to create a beautifully decorated home. We want to do it with fresh materials we’ve locally sourced ourselves. Shopping for holiday decor that’s real and natural is easy at Lynch Creek Farm. All you need is your credit card and a little patience for us to deliver you the perfect decoration to celebrate the season.